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Ghost Information:
What are Ghosts?
Fundamental, traditional Christianity does not allow at all for the existence of ghosts, because
of fear-based doctrines, which sadly divide mankind - one from another. Teaching both a place of the eternally damned called, "Hell," and a place of eternal bliss for the good called, "Heaven," the Christianity attempts to place all earthly departed souls in one of these two after-life worlds. Unfortunately, much of society has been influenced by this idea, simply because they were taught it is true. It is important to understand why we believe certain things, and in this case why society in general has such a misunderstanding concerning ghosts and spirits. So seemingly, Christianity & ghosts do not mix.

Yet, Jesus' message was very different than what is being taught today as truth; religion today has messed up our understanding of the spirit realm. This has created much mis-information of ghosts and how they can exist, in light of what many have been taught as impossible. Many ask, "What are

If we consider the message of Jesus contained in the manuscripts, rather than religious ideas created after him, we should see he taught the realm of spirit (or spiritual world) to co-exist with this physical world. All of us exist in the realm of spirit and that realm is the life-giving force of all - in all, and through all that is...and is everywhere. "We live, move and have our being in Him (Spirit)." Call that spirit God, if you like...the Divine energy: the sum of all the parts, perhaps? In that context, your soul, and for that matter all souls, would be participating in the unseen realm of the spirit (a different plane of existence) and the physical world we know, at the same time; while we seem to only be able to identify with this physical realm. It is like being in a room with a two-way mirror. We think only those in the same room with us can see our actions, but are not aware of the audience we may have on the other side of the mirror. Hence, I am participating in both worlds, but only aware of the one in which I am able to see. In Hebrews it states, "We are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses." This perhaps would explain how others on the other side would be able to see us and speak to us; yet we may not be aware of their presence, yet they are with us just the same, interacting with this realm at times. Maybe, they feed us some of the thoughts we think, and we think those same thoughts and call them our own. Therefore, from the Christian perspective, the existence of ghosts and the paranormal manifesting within this earthly realm should be quite possible.

When we "cross over" to the other side at what we call "death," we leave our attachment from this physical realm by leaving the vehicle (the body with the sensories) that keeps us in the physical world. My theory for the existence of this physical world, is that it is used to individualize each person from the whole (spirit, or God). Think of, how a baby after birth, begins to notice itself and stares for long periods at its hands and fingers. Then the baby grows, and the mind and emotions mature, as well. Then perhaps the detachment from this physical world is necessary, as the purpose for it has been completed. The soul - spirit body separates from the physical body by the "silver cord being cut." The silver cord is thought to be the connection between The Spirit, our individual spirit, and the physical body which it keeps animated - for the spirit gives it life. The next step is being freed from mis-thinking created here on Earth (guilt, fear, condemnation) and the knowing of truth ("The truth shall set you free.") - learning who we are and the power we have been
given to create and overcome (but do not yet fully understand...Jesus demonstrated this power for us, in the physical realm).

We will examine different passages of the Bible to demonstrate that ghosts or "spirits" are both
contained in the New and Old Testaments. I will also give some speculation as to how different paranormal phenomena possibly line up perfectly with different biblical terms and events. Why do I mention such religious things? I do so to help others overcome the fears that were placed within them by religion itself. What better way to remove it than to use the same information in a good way.

As for me, my interest in ghosts and Halloween started when I was a kid. I guess what fascinated me with the supernatural was I wanted to believe that more existed than what I could see with my eyes. Later on as I became an adult, I no longer was allowed to have an interest in ghosts and the paranormal because I had become religious. Religious fear kept me from exploring these ideas I now have, because they are not within fundamental Christianity's core tenets which I shall label as "safe zones." The condemnation sent forth from fundamental Christians on one who explores an area spiritually that may be different
from their beliefs, will usually produce a warning such as, "You better stay clear of that thinking,
because that could be of the devil." And hence, the seed of fear has been planted once again
into a free mind. I no longer fear exploring the paranormal because I now know that fear is
man-made, not god-sent. God is Spirit; why not explore Spirit?

I find it worth mentioning that I had an out-of-body experience a decade ago that proved to me that we are both a physical body and a spiritual body. As I hovered above my seemingly, lifeless body, it became apparent quite quickly that the spirit and physical realms co-exist.

What are ghosts? Ghosts are people in spirit, no longer having bodies. They have remained earthbound for various reasons which can always be summed up as being fear. Ghosts are people who need freed to move on in their life-journey. Enjoy the ghost information, and hopefully come to an understanding regarding ghosts, spirits and the realm of spirit.

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